Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Cover Tutorial *1*

Cut three sides. Above, under and the right side to open the carton.
It will look like this now!
Now you get an idea???
Measure the spine (left) to make a closure for the right side.

I used cardboard. My spine measures 7 cm width and i took the same height as the carton.
Now you need the measurements for the opener.

I proofed one of my punches and it fit's perfectly. You can also lay the cardboard under the hole, trace with a pencil and then cut with scissors.
Here i made a proofcut on a leftover and i traced on my cardboard to mark for the punch.
Now it looks like this.


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Denise J. Phillips hat gesagt…

Greetings from Victoria, B.C. Canada Elly:) :) :)
Thank you so much for signing on as a follower to my blog! I love your blog!!! And your photography! Beautiful pictures!! But you're so very clever! This is one tutorial I'll give a try soon!! I've signed on and will email everyone to send them your direction!
I raise a cup of coffee to you fellow artist!
Denise J. Phillips