Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Before and after lampshade

I didn't made a photo from the lamp with the old i just made one from the old shade

I still like the vintage look of the shade but not the dust in the folds after a week. (:o( And it's not easy to clean because you have to remove the shade and give a shower...

So..i created a new one with a fruit basket, a little bit lace and some lace flowers at the top.

Now..the lamp looks more vintage, it's handmade and it goes better with the rest of the room decoration.

Here a picture from the chandelier i made in april 2011

Gold and electrican....under the ceiling in the tv - room (when finished with renovation)

Now....white with candles....for the dining room.
I will show you more before and after photos from our rooms, when we're finished. It's not so easy to find the  ballance between shabby chic and vintage. Some furniture and embellishments are still on a fleamarket waiting for me (:o)) and a lot of ideas are still in my head, waiting for the right time (means the next vacation) to make them real (:o)
While my harvest vacation i plan to visit the biggest fleamarket in north france. La Braderie de Lille . Over 1 million people will walk through 360 miles fleamarket. Spectacular..!! You will find everything...

So nach und nach werde ich euch Bilder von unseren renovierten Räumen zeigen. So, wie sie fertig werden. Es braucht Zeit, die richtige Ballance zwischen Shabby chic und Vintage zu bekommen. Manche Möbel befinden sich noch auf dem Flohmarkt und warten darauf, von mir gefunden zu werden.(:o)) Dekorationen sind noch im Kopf und warten darauf ( nächsten Urlaub) real zu werden.
In meinem Herbst - Urlaub will ich zum größten Flohmarkt nach Nord Frankreich. La Braderie de Lille. Über 1 Millionen Besucher werden über 200 km Flohmarkt laufen. Ist das zu fassen? Dort findet man alles...


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