Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

Goodies (:o) Thank you so much

Look what i received today.....

First..Bine from Vienna/Austria send me a georgeous package of metall embellishment to use it in my art. It's so fantastic, i couldn't believe my eyes.

Thank you so much, Bine. I love it all and i'm still overwhelmed....

And i got another package from Lilla / Hawaii. I admire her so much....
She makes the most beauty, french, vintage creations out of fabric i've ever seen.

Look at these old, vintage, hand - dyed lace. Isn't it just beautiful? I will use it in my book, which i received a few weeks ago. Take a look here.
Oh yes, i dream in french!! (:o) Thank you so much, Lilla.
Take a look at her etsy shop, where you have the possibility to get some of her great creations.

Happy, happy wednesday (:o)


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Steffie hat gesagt…

Elly ich habe ja auch so ein tolles Paket aus Österreich bekommen und ich konnte es auch gar nicht fassen. Sooo coll oder?
Ich habe auch schon eine Idee... muss aber erst mal andere Projekte machen.

Ganz liebe Grüße,