Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

An old construction trailer

Im still busy with embellishing, but i want to show you now, how fare i am...

The ceiling can be open

The inside needs some doll furniture, i'm watching on ebay

Missing some flowers here...

Straw and a button with a little Tim Holtz tissue tape

I saw this trailer the first time on graphic 45 with the le circue paperline. I found the tutorial on a french blog. Her name is Fabienne. Click on her name to look at her's and the needing instructions.
Ich glaube die Bilder sprechen für sich (:o)
Off for more decoration..



Steffie hat gesagt…

G E N I A L S T ! ! ! !


Gio hat gesagt…

it's so cute! there's even a cat!