Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

A proper Gentlemen (masculine Minibook)

A big applause to Laura Denison to figure out the instruction. I would never, ever come out with something like that on my own. A lot of cutwork with my scissors. A lot pencil - drawing, because i have no scoreboard. But i did it. (:o) You will find her blog *Followingthepapertrail* when you click on her name. And now.....get a tea or coffee and take a is my mini:
The finished frontside
A view in the mini
The base for the sides inside
Left side spine for binding
Left and right side for the jacket
Adhered to the base
Some decoration a man need
Tags inside and a pullout
Some buttons
And some fotomats on the backside
This was the first part...of what a man business (:o) And what about sport? Some golf maybe..? Now, let's have a look and.....always the same base:
Front finished

A brown base in this part, with a flap, a fotomat and a pullout

The backside

Lot's of room for fotos
Now....and what about...his jeans..?

Every base has a pullout and here, two more tags for journaling

Backside with fotomats
Now..he's only missing some real sports wear......for jogging..etc.
Front finished

Another flap and fotomat

The back
Here you see all the pullouts above

I made the front and back cover from cardboard, i had in my stash. The paperline is Graphic 45 *A proper Gentlemen* No stamps, no embossing only cutting, glue and tacky tape.

Thanks for watching.



Carola/Schokofee hat gesagt…

Oh Elly - ein geniales Werk nach dem anderen .... Dein Minibook ist ein wahrer Augenschmaus

Gio hat gesagt…

Elly, thank you for your kind words on my blog.
This minialbum is stunning, full of ideas, especially because is a masculine style, so hard to get. Brava!

Denise J. Phillips hat gesagt…

Hi Elly:)
I love seeing books done for men, and they don't come up very often, but I must say this one is the most professional looking, and completely wonderful book for guys I've seen yet! Wouldn't it make a great father's day gift! Really well done!
All the best

Denise J. Phillips hat gesagt…

Me again Elly:)
Go to the Graphics45 blog, and enter your project in their Gallery! I entered my canvas to my mum using their clowns paper, and it was accepted! This is such a clever project, I'm sure they would gladly highlight it on their blog!
You go for it! It's good enough!

Elly hat gesagt…

Denise...thanks for your nice comment, but i think i can't show this Mini there, because it wasn't my idea. This is one to one Laura's Idea and instructions. It's like i adorn myself with borrowed plumes. I hope you know what i mean. If i come up with something on my own and get the same i will. Thanks so much for thinking about me...i really appreciate it.

voodoo vixen hat gesagt…

You have done a wonderful job on this, its always nice to see a good masculine mini book!