Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Recycling again...with hotglue

Tim Coffey is a crative designer and illustrated over dozen collections of scapbooking papers for K & Company. He shares a lot of his awesome ideas on YouTube. I felt in love of one, i lifted here. I used the flower template from his webside. Click on his name and in his navigationbar on the left side on digital stamps. Here is my picture tutorial
 This is the empty box i started with
 Covered the outside with masking tape
 Brown acrylic paint....let dry
 White Gesso or white acrylic paint.....let dry
 Adhered the templates....a normal copy print
 Traced the outlines with hotglue

 White Gesso or white acrylic again...let dry
 Brown colourwash....

 For the inside box i used old dictionary paper....adhered with Ranger Multi Matt Medium.

Now, i'm thinking about how to embellish it. With or without feets..?
Tim Coffey shows it by using a cereal box and more brighter colours. If you like to watch his three part videos:
Part one:
Part two:
Part three:

Hope you enjoy


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Denise J. Phillips hat gesagt…

Hello Elly:)
This is brilliant! Who would have thought of using the glue in this manner! As you know from my blog posts, I'm all for putting feet on it!! (grin). Absolutely beautiful!
Well done!