Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Dresser - Make over part #2

These are the colours of my choice from *Painting the Past*. I bought them here

Using pearl grey only on top of the dresser
I made a colour wash by mixing the chalkpaint with water because i need a thin coat.
Better two thin coats as one thick. Less is more!!
You can still see the wood
I bought this silk - paper in *Toile de Jouy* design for the top. It's a little bit thicker than napkins.
I used Mod Podge. This stuff rocks!! I tryed a lot other kinds, but this one is my favorite. To adhere the paper on top, i water it down a bit. Again, less is more!
Place the paper, turn over a bit and put Mod Podge on. Lay paper down slowly and carefully. Do the same to the other side and let dry!!
When dry, another coat of Mod Podge (without water) on top of paper. Don't be afraid, the  crinkles leave when dry
Nearly no crinkles....
Another colour wash with pearl grey chalk paint applied with sponge
Here you see the different. The designs are softer after blending in a bit.
Still waiting for the big tin chalk - paint for the rest of the dresser :o(


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