Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

My first altered doll

*Everyone wants to understand art. Why is there no attempt to understand the song of the bird?"
- Pablo Picasso -

My first thought was: Can i do this?..and post between all the other, great artists?
After reading the Picasso quote....i knew ...i can, because you don't learn if you don't try.
So..get inspired on Alter it Monthly and watch all the other great projects. Be brave as i am (:o)
This is my first item there, for the challenge "Valley of the dolls" and also my first altered doll ever!!

We have to alter a doll's head, or use doll's / a doll's head or images in our art in some way.
I've found a right doll for cheap on Ebay, missing a leg.
It makes no odds, because i want to give her a complete new look anyway.
And here newborn.....altered doll

She is still nameless.......maybe you have an idea?

Thanks for watching.



Zuzu's Blog hat gesagt…

Oh Elly! its magnificent. thank you so much for joining in with us on Alter it monthly and with such a cool, interesting project. bit of juxtaposition going on between the beautiful ethereal feel of the butterflies landing over her hair and hands and the scary aspect of a severed head.

nice job!!

Martina2801 hat gesagt…

Du mein Güte, was für ein abgefahrenes Teil, Elly!
Ich bin total begeistert.....wirklich toll!

Martina2801 hat gesagt…

...ach so...hinsichtlich des Namens, der Dir noch fehlt: Ich habe im Internet einen Namen-Creator gefunden....der spuckt Folgendes aus:
1. Lenne Bennit Sexton
2. Ettie Spane Ledden
3. Georgiana Danlon Brigge
4. W. Mary Frances Hearne
5. Philippa Gressan Kerevann
6. Christina Sommer Guilfoyle
7. Gwendolen Bellinger Lake
8. Estella Malowny Deighan
9. Dot Scanlon Reilly
10. Janice Barker Rolfe


Elly hat gesagt…

Martina..vielen lieben Dank. Dich so begeistert zu sehen, haut mich um (:o)Und die Namen..grandios*lol* Mir springt Nr. 6 ins Auge xo Elly

froebelsternchen Susi hat gesagt…

grandios Deine Christina!

Vicky hat gesagt…

Wow, Elly, your altered doll has so much detail, I love how you used the thimble !!
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Minxy hat gesagt…

Congrats on winning over at Alter It Monthly :D