Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Wedding Box

Here comes another box i made. Someone needed a gift for a wedding and wanted somthing....not typical colours. Because the most gifts looks like that and she wanted something special...metal looking. She had my steampunk - box in mind (look here) but i thought it's to dark and grungy for a wedding. So i made a new one....
I started with heavy cardstok and made two boxes.

For more thickness adhered sticky foiltape from the hardware - store

Paint of my choice

For the box - cover i took chipboard used the foiling technique. Watch a great tutorial here on YouTube made by RachO113.
Adhere embellishment

Inside box

More embellishment

I embossed the foiltape in my cuttlebug before colouring

Inside two coasters

Special embelllishment

Closeup to the cover

Tag means: It's the little things...

Finished Box
Really a special one for a wedding (:o)


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