Freitag, 26. August 2011

Fleamarket News.... Braderie de Lille

Every first weekend in September, ever increasing numbers of people come to enjoy this great annual rendezvous of flea market fanaticism, bric a brac hunting, bargaining, and amateur salesmanship. The Braderie: a 48 hour festival of brocanteurs all around the city of Lille.

The history of the Braderie of Lille is not well known. It is supposed – though no documentary evidence exists - that the tradition dates from the Middle Ages, when once a year the servant classes of Lille were given permission to sell – from dusk to dawn – old clothes and objects belonging to their employers. Over the years the Braderie has changed, becoming much larger and lasting longer. But the overall free spirit of this September celebration remains. 

For two days and two nights a carnival atmosphere reigns, where everyone does as they please. Would-be merchants, casual and professional dealers mingle the length of several kilometres of stalls of second hand goods, all of which, after much hard bargaining, will find a happy new owner. 
The Braderie ends on Sunday at midnight, whence the massive cleaning operation begins. Rubbish collectors gradually replace the exhausted bargain hunters, some of whom, torch in hand, still search for hidden treasure on the remaining stalls. Meanwhile, in the enormous crowd, revellers amuse themselves amidst the smells of spicy merguez sausages, mussels and chips, and bathe in all types of music until the small hours of the morning.

More about it, when i'm back...hopefully with a suitcase filled of french goodies (:o)
Last post tomorrow


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Papplapapp hat gesagt…

Hi Elly,

ich bin eben über deinen wunderschönen Blog gestolpert! Du zauberst wirklich traumhafte Sachen!

Wir fahren auch am Wochenende nach Lille - wir haben in letzter Sekunde noch ein gutes und auch noch bezahlbares Hotelzimmer in der Nähe gefunden.

Warst du schonmal auf diesem Flohmarkt? Gibts Ecken für uns "Bastler", die zu empfehlen sind? Und gibts da sowas wie P&R? Mit dem Auto wirds ja sicher schwierig nen Parkplatz zu finden, oder?

Über eine Antwort würde ich mich sehr freuen! ;)

Ganz liebe Grüße