Dienstag, 2. August 2011

Mermaid with Powertex for Alter it Monthly challenge august

I did it again (:o) This is my second altered doll.
I bought two dolls, for the last month challenge on Alter it Monthly, for safty..if one goes miss.
As you know, it didn't, so i've got one doll left and now..?
I saw the theme for this month challenge: The deep blue sea, ocean, shells, sirenes.....MERMAID!!!
This will be my peace of art for this month challenge on Alter it Monthly.

I had plans in my head already, for making a statue from wire and Powertex. That stuff is a fabric hardener.
So, why don't use it for a mermaid? I took my wire, cutting stripes from an old bed sheet, paint, some embellishment as glas beads and shells and of course my doll.
Some stuff i used
How do you make a mermaid out of a doll?
First i used the wire to make a fish - tail and formed with tape.
Then...forming a mermaid body with aluminium - foil
And now.....? What is a mermaid doing? Swimming in the sea....yes..but not possibel for my mermaid.
I wanted my mermaid sitting on wood and singing.....
I searched for a piece of wood and painted it with brown acrylic paint. I secured the doll on that peace of wood with wire in the back. Than .. wrapped the hole doll with wet Powertex bed sheets. After draying, i painted the doll and played with more fabric and powertex to make cloth. Then i tryed to embellish the mermaid to look like...you know...just coming out of the water. With shells left in her hair....and singing..

The finished mermaid:

Can you hear her singing?
Thanks for watching...have a creative week (:o)



Zuzu's Blog hat gesagt…

OOOOOO Elly. nice job again. you are so inspired lately. thank you so much for entering this in to Alter It Monthly :)
Z x

PS let me know if you get your email from the Artistic stamper regarding your prize.OK. x

froebelsternchen Susi hat gesagt…

fantastisch !!!

My name is Toni hat gesagt…

Very Very cool... love all the special details ... awesome job !

jennifer hat gesagt…

she looks really cool. i like the loose weave fabric draped around her like she's taken an old fishing net to use for a shawl. Fabulous! x

Vicky hat gesagt…

Beautiful mermaid, you know the old saying "great minds think alike" LOL, I couldn't help myself either & had to have a go with altering another doll :) I love the fabric draping too, beautiful :)

Katie hat gesagt…

really cool altered doll!

Zuzu's Blog hat gesagt…

congratulations. you were in the top three at Alter it Monthly so get a free collage sheet. Calico collage should be in touch within a week. if not, please get back to me. Z x