Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Domino Accordion Book - Marie Antoinette Style

Still playing with Dominoes....and sure i had to try an Accordion Book.
First, i want to show you the size of my Domino

The pictures don't even show the truth...believe me, it's really shiny and bling (:o)
Thanks for watching (:o)



Fabric Art hat gesagt…

Elly your domino book is gorgeous,love everything about it, a friend gave me two big dominoes so I could make a book, but has not started yet.

Vicky hat gesagt…

So pretty, Elly :)

Yvonne hat gesagt…

Wow, das sieht großartig aus!

LG Yvonne

voodoo vixen hat gesagt…

Oh my Elly, that little domino accordian is stunning!!

Martina2801 hat gesagt…

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA......das Domino-Book ist der absolute Knaller, Elly! Ich bin hin und weg!
Echt supi!

Gio hat gesagt…

OMG G O R G E O U S!! I'm playing with dominoes ,too, inspired by you, but I couldn't finish any piece.

My I ask you where do you find such tiny images?

thank you, gio

Elly hat gesagt…

q Gio...I can't remember all. I will write you an email. Hugs and thanks for your really nice comment.

bohemiannie! art hat gesagt…

Wonderful! I linked over from another blog...Scraps In Progress. Glad I did!