Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

Shabby Shutters

First ... i want to give you a view in my tv room
Don't you think this window looks a little bit empty? I do!
So....i bought some see on the right.....not vintage...they are toooo expencive!!

What do you do when the sun is shining?......Painting outside!! (:o)
 First on my dresser...a paint - wash...means mixing half paint and water
 After one see the different....the left one with paint...
 I used a sponge and coated both shutters, on both sides...twice
 Then...i sanded...slightly..and painted a third coat with paint (without water)
Drytime in...

...the sun

 Waiting for the finish near my dresser and my chandelier
As the white paint was dry.....i used an antiquing medium for the last finish
Here you see the  medium on the right

It looks better with daylight (:o)
Maybe i put some vintage cards for decoration on them.....or some cornucopias (:o)

Thanks for watching.......and a big thank you to my followers and readers, for voting on my entry on facebook in my last post. I really appreciate it.



Gio hat gesagt…

You are a little wood-worker and good too ;-)

Ps: your house is stunning!

Carola/Schokofee hat gesagt…

Sehr sehr schön !!!! Und Du brauchst noch ein paar Dekokärtchen???? Habe Dich nicht vergessen ... da steht ganz groß ELLY auf meiner To-Do-Liste :DDDDD

Sonnige Grüße

Ari hat gesagt…

Das ist ja eine tolle Idee. Sieht super schön aus.

Dann wünsche ich Dir einen erholsamen und kreativen ;-) Sonntag.

Sonnige Grüße