Dienstag, 13. September 2011

Something Magic - Challenge September

This creation is for Alter it Monthly (Tree, leave, branch, twig) and Graphic45 Halloween Rejuvenaiton.
Two separate challenges, that have somehow combined my creative style.
It was difficult to take photos, because it's 3d.
Yes, i left my comfort - zone with this colours, but's it's a present for someone who loves fall.....

Patterned Paper: The Magic of Oz, Scatterbrained Scarecrow, Journey to Oz, Distress Ink (Ranger), Tape, Wire, Tissue, Gel medium (Ranger), Powertex, Cotton Stripes, Stickles (Ranger), Embellishment from my stash.
Now i'll show you what i did......lot's of pictures are following... or watch the making off on my YouTube Channel here:
It just began with tape...

...and wire...

..secured in a wine bottle

...making branches....

..to a tree.

Using teared cotton...

and Powertex Fabric Hardener..

for more thickness

Using an old cardboard...

..and cable straps..

..to tight the tree on the cardboard

Stone Art with Powertex makes clay


Using Gesso...

..and drytime again

Gel Medium....

..and crumbled tissue..

..for the backround

Close up - Drytime again

Old table cloth, some kind of silk..

..makes nice texture


..some ink and metal (not on the picture)

..and hot glue

Nice hm?
But i missed something...thinking....and now comes the part of graphic45....the Magic...of OZ

Thanks for watching....and maybe taking time to leave a comment i'll really appreciate.


PS.   If you are on Facebook, you can vote for my entry at the Graphic45 Facebook competition. Voting starts on the 26th of this month to 7am on September 30th.
I will set the link later......


Zuzu's Blog hat gesagt…

thank you so much again for entering "Alter It Monthly"..; what a LOT of work went in to this Elly!!!!!!

Vicky hat gesagt…

Wow, Elly, what gorgeous textures, & a fab use for the G45 pps :) Off to vote for your entry :)

Vicky hat gesagt…

OOps, no wonder I couldn't find your entry...will try again on the 26th :)

Carola/Schokofee hat gesagt…

Was Du immer so zauberst ist der Wahnsinn!
Ich würde Dich gerne mal in Action erleben!


Fabric Art hat gesagt…

Elly what a fantastic piece you have made, I have always loved The wizard of Oz.

Lorraine hat gesagt…

love all the layers and technique

KatzElbows hat gesagt…

Awesome! A great piece and thank you for the how to as well.