Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011


Don't laugh.....
This sounds like me (:o)))))

I  signed in for a Give Away at Melissa Samuel's Blog and did not noticed, that i won......and to make it just a little bit more funny....i won a german stamp sending to me from the US now.
Thanks to my dear friend Denise in Canada, because she called my attention via my new facebook account. She's an awesome mixed media artist and give's me a lot inspiration. Take a look at her art on Birdnuts Mixed Media. She's just offering a Give Away.
And..of course, a big thank you to Melissa, for waiting of my attention.

Thanks for your attention also (:o)) It's very appreciated.



melissasamuels hat gesagt…

Elly, thanks for entering my blog giveaway! Your stamp left on Tuesday on its way back to Germany :) XX

Denise J. Phillips hat gesagt…

Oh Elly, I've just wet my pants laughing:) I just thought I'd stop by and have a 'boo' at your blog, and here's this wonderful post by you, which has made my night, but also made me laugh! Isn't it funny, that the La Blanche Stamps from Germany, is your prize at Melissa's shop! Too funny! But congrats on winning! Melissa should have just called the Manufacturer there, and had them mail you direct! Ha Ha! Glad you've stopped by and entered my latest Giveaway on my blog! And thanks so much for the link! Really appreciate it!! Cheers to you my friend! Denise:)