Freitag, 11. November 2011

Briefing about.....

.... the altered bottles we made, at the Online Workshop with Andy Skinner. Just for your information, he's going to repeat it in january. If you are interested, details can be found by clicking on the online workshop tab just below the header of this blog.

Now, take a seat and watch  Andy's video about all the bottles we've made. Feel free to leave a comment on YouTube and add a like it if you enjoy...... YouTuber's appreciate it very much (:o)

Happy friday and lovely weekend wishes from Berlin...(:o)


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Martina2801 hat gesagt…

Hi Elly,
die Flaschen sind einfach großartig! Danke für den Link. Frau sollte einfach mehr Freizeit haben:-) *seufz*
Wünsche Dir noch ein schönes WE