Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

A proper Gentlemen (masculine Minibook)

A big applause to Laura Denison to figure out the instruction. I would never, ever come out with something like that on my own. A lot of cutwork with my scissors. A lot pencil - drawing, because i have no scoreboard. But i did it. (:o) You will find her blog *Followingthepapertrail* when you click on her name. And now.....get a tea or coffee and take a is my mini:
The finished frontside
A view in the mini
The base for the sides inside
Left side spine for binding
Left and right side for the jacket
Adhered to the base
Some decoration a man need
Tags inside and a pullout
Some buttons
And some fotomats on the backside
This was the first part...of what a man business (:o) And what about sport? Some golf maybe..? Now, let's have a look and.....always the same base:
Front finished

A brown base in this part, with a flap, a fotomat and a pullout

The backside

Lot's of room for fotos
Now....and what about...his jeans..?

Every base has a pullout and here, two more tags for journaling

Backside with fotomats
Now..he's only missing some real sports wear......for jogging..etc.
Front finished

Another flap and fotomat

The back
Here you see all the pullouts above

I made the front and back cover from cardboard, i had in my stash. The paperline is Graphic 45 *A proper Gentlemen* No stamps, no embossing only cutting, glue and tacky tape.

Thanks for watching.


Graphic 45

I'm just coming from the graphic 45 blog. They are showing a clock make over from Laura Denison. I bought an instruction for a mini from her. She has awesome ideas. The inside from the clock looks (only a bit)  like my wallhanger, i did a view time ago.
I used an old cd

The backside

If you want to see more of steampunk, go to the blog of graphic 45. Click on the button on the right in my sidebar.


Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Dresser Make over

This dresser is from the early 90's. I love this old treasure, but the colour...yeeek....
I want to give  the dresser a new life with another colour, that fits to my other furniture in the diningroom. I will show you the make over the next weeks...


Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

An old construction trailer

Im still busy with embellishing, but i want to show you now, how fare i am...

The ceiling can be open

The inside needs some doll furniture, i'm watching on ebay

Missing some flowers here...

Straw and a button with a little Tim Holtz tissue tape

I saw this trailer the first time on graphic 45 with the le circue paperline. I found the tutorial on a french blog. Her name is Fabienne. Click on her name to look at her's and the needing instructions.
Ich glaube die Bilder sprechen für sich (:o)
Off for more decoration..


A sneak peak?

The project is ready but i'm still busy with embellishing and you can embellish a lot..i promise(:o)
More in a view hours..
Das Projekt ist fertig, aber ich verziere noch und das kann man jede Menge (:o) Mehr in ein paar Stunden..


Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

What's on my workdesk?

Any idea what this will be?

I will show you in a view days...

Habt ihr eine Idee, was das wird???
In ein paar Tagen zeige ich es euch (:o)


Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

Zip - Up your earbuds

Are you always in trouble with your earbuds like me? The wires become a tangled mess when i toss them in my pocket. Here comes help with an easy sewing project from LauPre. Click on her name under the picture to go to her tutorial.
LauPre whipped up a fun and functional solution by adding a zipper


ATC Swap

I'm in a monthly ATC Swap. Theme for june was cats. Above, the left one is mine, which i made 8 times. Look what kind of beautys i got back. Purrrfect (:o)

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Waste recycling

I did it again (:o)
A good friend gave me this empty chocolate candy box, last week.

I took my black acrylic paint and after drying.....a coat of crackle medium...

Then...i had the idea to make a clock.....

I used white acrylic paint over the crackle medium and a watchpart i've bought from ebay a view months ago.
I love the shabby look (:o)
Thanks for watching...