Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Vintage Paper

I spend the hole day in the kitchen today, to prepare paper for a new project. I need some old world looking paper and i had a messy go with instant coffee.

 I have tryed fresh brewed espresso on the left and you see instant coffee on the right. The instant coffee works best and i did the wash twice on each side. Tea works also, but you don't get that crinkly effect and it's less in colour as the espresso. I used my hairdryer to speed up drytime, because it worked better than the heat - tool.
 Now...you can drop ink to it or spritz some colour
 I'm going to rough up the edges, scrunch to a ball gently, fold and unfold them, sand over spots and then i'm going to stamp.
 Use as layer in your artwork or make pages for an old looking book.
As you can see, i was very busy (:o)  Maybe you give it a try, too.

And.....a little more advertising at the end. Mr. Skinner opend a new blog especially for his workshops. Feel free to take a look here
And there is a new Workshop coming *The Book of Secrets* One of my favorite projects from his blog. I'm so happy about it, that i directly signed in. So, if you want to share the fun.....come, play and learn with us. More details and information here

And here is the video about the Book of Secrets

Thanks for reading and your appreciated comments.



Summite hat gesagt…

OMG you are so patient to make your own paper.... It reflect what I taught of you in the Timeworn class with your big creation.... Congrat....

Chris hat gesagt…

I can't believe how much you did and it looks fantastic! x

Sandy hat gesagt…

Mmmmhhhh da duftet das Papier sicher herrlich.
Na dann viel Spaß beim verarbeiten liebe Elly.

Andy skinner hat gesagt…

Elly do you ever rest?? or are you just like me lol, thanks for the links, your so kind.

Lorraine hat gesagt…

That all looks great Elly. The colour has turned out brilliant.

Steffie hat gesagt…

Sooo cool! Das Papier sieht echt klasse aus. Das muss ich auch bald mal machen!

Liebe Grüße,