Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

Received Travel - ATC's.....

..from my forum friend Caro, i like to share with you. She also made a cool tag...(:o)

I really enjoy all these different kind of little artworks.

Thank youuuuuuu!!! (:o)

~ Elly ~


Chris hat gesagt…

They are really beautiful, the collage style stamping is wonderful. It really is lovely to receive little artworks, I know how that is ;) and I will blog mine soon.

Watch for your postman, sorry I took so long ;). Have a good weekend!

Caro *schoki* hat gesagt…

Ach sind die schön! Ein echter Augenschmaus....ich muss auch unbedingt nochmal ATCs werkeln


Martina2801 hat gesagt…

Die ATC`s und das Tag sind spitze! Da haste Dich bestimmt sehr darüber gefreut!

...the yorkshire fox... hat gesagt…

...gorgeoous ATC' much work & thought especially like the one with the 2 white doves...Mel :)