Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

Royal Mail - Tag - Trade UK

First....i want to send you a hug  and a big thank you. I was blown away, after the last post... reading all your nice, supporting and great comments. Maybe you know this feeling? I don't look at myself as an artist...i'm just creating, most of the time only with gut feeling. It's such a pleasure to share my obsessions and i've never expected so many appreciated response to my post. Thank you sooo much for reading me, taking time to leave a comment and asking questions. I'll try my best to give it all back to you (:o)
Ok...up to another important matter...
Today i'll will show you the tags from a trade with my friend Chris at the UK. We  met each other first at the Andy Skinner Timeworn Workshop. The chosen theme was nature.Her blogname is Sketching Stamper
This was really a challenge for me. Not because the theme....but what kind of tags would you create for a stamping queen?
Today i received my Royal Mail from Chris and when you see what she created for me, you'll know why i call it Royal Mail!!
Attention .....please sit down... (:o)

 This little Timeworn - Beauty is an address - book

I  adore this colour combination (:o)

And this is breathtaking!!! Chris made a special Book of Secret for me. I still can't believe my eyes..

What do you expect with this special spine???
I opend the book and screamed....


Can you believe it? This is Royal Mail!! I am on my knees and i love the book and sure every single tag.
Look...i can put more tags in it... very cool

And here is the backside

What kind of tags can i create to honor this?????????
I'm so glad, that she received my tags i didn'd had to think about i was challenged anyway...

I can understand, if you stop reading here...*lol*....but i want to show you also my created tags...
I started by cutting two tags from cardboard...and adhered some sticky back canvas. The third one was a manila tag..

Painted the canvas with gesso first and adhered a laser - print -picture with birds

Some cheesecloth, gel - medium, acrylic paint

Crackle paint, alkohol ink, eggshell, beads, embossing powder

For the second canvas tag i used acrylic paint in different shades of blue and green for the background and stamped in the same colour combination

The finished tags
Click on the picture for a larger view

Sorry...long post and many pictures, but i had to share with you (:o)
I'm still blown away.
Thank you Chris my friend, for this amazing trade!



mark gould hat gesagt…

wow again, what fantastic tags. yours are beautiful and what you have received is breth taking. the thought that has gone into it are truly amazing.
very inspiring.

...the yorkshire fox... hat gesagt…

Hi Elly, firstly all your comments are well & truely deserved, your work is amazing!...secondly I can see why you ask us to sit down!...I too am stunned at these amazing gifts, the workmanship Chris has put in, with all the thought & techniques, these pieces are a total joy to see she is a master of her craft & dares us to dream beyond our own imagination...and again yours in return to her, so much thought, detail & skill...Its just so nice that I get to see these crafting wonders...Mel :)

Chris hat gesagt…

Oh Elly, what a beautiful post and I have to agree with Mel, you are an amazing artist and every comment you receive is truly deserved.

Your comments are so very sweet, it makes me very happy that you like what I made for you and I loved making them for you :). So glad that we're friends and long may it last.

Thank you for posting how you made the tags you sent to me, I loved seeing how you did them. You already know I love them, your gorgeous style and all the fine details you add, they're perfection. Hope we do this again before not too long. xo

Sandy hat gesagt…

Hallo meine liebe Elly.

Was bist Du doch für ein Glückspilz. Was für tolle Post, ein grandioses Werk.

Deine Kreationen sind aber auch wie immer ein toller Hingucker. Mal wieder Inspiration pur für mich.

Hab einen schönen Tag meine Liebe.

Fiona (anubis 1 ) hat gesagt…

Ooooh Elly wonderful stuffs here to see. No wonder you are excited. I'm up for a Trade with you anytime hun. Just let me know OK.

Caro *schoki* hat gesagt…

Deine Werke und Deine getauschten Sachen sind immer wunderbar!
Und meinetwegen darfst Du uns immer mit vielen Bildern vollwerfen :)

Ganz liebe Grüße

Hobbyaholic (April) hat gesagt…

That tag book is Genius.

I used to participate in a monthly tag club and have so many tags without a way to store/display. This is just the ticket. Can't wait to take the workshop so mine will look as nifty.