Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Rusty things needed?

It's time to prepare rusty things for future projects. How you ask?

Look at this tin, i've left outside over the winter, with some water in it.

Normaly, you would throw it away, but you can use it to prepare rusty things as Zuzu shows in her post here.
It's the same process, to rust nails or washers. I use a mister with a vinegar / water mix. Mist the mix on and let dry in the sun. Repeat till you get the rusty look you want.

What else is going on in my garden?
The little shed is finished and needs more paint now. Sadly, it's not my summer workspace ;o) It is for gardening tools, only.

Take a closer look to the right side of the shed. That's what i'm working on right now

I found this chandelier on a flea market / jumble sale. This will be the birthday present for a hubby's colleague in july. I'm going to alter it, for a shabby look to fit her living room.
As you see, summertime means beeing creative outside for me.
I have also a little wooden cabinet and three wooden stools to alter for a shabby look. I'll show you later, when i start working on.

I wish you a nice weekend, hopefully with a little bit sunshine (:o)



mark gould hat gesagt…

ooo, cant wait to see what happens next x

Angel Wings And Beautiful Things hat gesagt…

Love the Chandelier Great Find
I can't wait to see the finished project
Hugs Mariana

...the yorkshire fox... hat gesagt…

...hi Elly...mother nature has done a great job on the pot...I thought you were going to surprise us at some stage with your new craft shed, but alas the tools come first...I'm so looking forward to seeing the candelabrum finished and you've worked your magic, it looks great now...have a super weekend...Mel :)

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art hat gesagt…

Hi Elly, like you I save all kinds of rusty stuff, rust is a fantastic color and I love to use fabric, paper and other things with rust, the little shed could be a fantastic summer studio, could you not find another place for the gardening tools.

Karin hat gesagt…

wow that a good idea to alter things! Have a nice weekend!

Martina2801 hat gesagt…

Ja, das mit dem Essig und dem Rosten von Metallteilen habe ich auch schon einmal ausprobiert. Klappt hervorragend!
Ein wunderschönes Gartenhäuschen habt ihr da. In unserem wurde ich dieses Jahr von einem Wespennest überrascht.....das ging gerade noch mal gut!
Wünsche Dir ein schönes WE, liebe Elly.

Caro *schoki* hat gesagt…

Dein Garten ist eine Wucht geworden - da kann man sich bestimmt prima entspannen! Wenn Du eine von meinen "fleischfressenden Pflanzen" haben magst ... die sind im Moment ständig schwanger *gack*

Und das mit dem Rosten .... warum kompliziert, wenn es auch einfach geht :D

Ganz liebe Grüße