Freitag, 21. September 2012

This boot fits!

Ok, it's a female thing. We never have enough shoes. Yes, we own 5 pairs black, but they all are different in height or shape ..according to.. hmm...circumstances (:o) or...down to our whim...and..that's how it is...if you're looking for the right one you just need right can't find it.

I was looking for some turqoise boots......but you'll have a guess.......
As i'm never running out of ideas, i asked my one and only Artist Andy Skinner, if it's possible to prepare leather for painting and he said: Gesso works fine!!!! Well, this was the needed answer to start my project....and i pimped my boots.

In between i had a hard disk crash and the first picture of my boots is can still see the original beige colour at the bootleg

Thus..i started with Gesso followed by aquamarine acrylic paint

Because it's not that easy to stamp directly onto the boot, i used tissue paper.

After stamping, i spritzed the tissue with dylusions and coloured the roses as you would normaly do for a journal. Teared the motif..

Adhered to boots with Ourdoor Mod Podge

I applyed Dazzling Metallics *Glourious Gold* on top with my fingers to blend everything in...and two finish coats with Mod Podge for sealing

Yes, they are wearable....ask only need to be brave, because people stare at your feets (:o)
Even more a  notice. To bringe a little alternation to my art, i booked 
which starts next Friday. If you're interested in working with plaster to make embellishments, 3D shrines, 3D art wall hangings and a lot more....join the link above.
It's a lifetime workshop and that pay once and get access to all the content for life. No time limit...

Have a nice weekend and thanks as always, leaving nice comments.

Elly....with new boots (:o)


Sandy hat gesagt…

Elly was ist das denn für eine coole Idee.
Du solltest Mode designen.
Das liegt Dir.

Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende.

Silvia(Barnie) hat gesagt…

Neeeee, ne - wie abgefahren ist das denn wieder ?! Der absolute Megahammer !!!

Karin hat gesagt…

WOW what a great idea!! They look gorgeous!! have a nice weekend!

Anke hat gesagt…

So etwas traust auch nur du dich!
Ein Wahnsinn wieder einmal.
Sie sehen auf jeden Fall klasse aus.

Liebe Grüße

Ana K. hat gesagt…

Elly you are awesome transformation...I should send you my old boots!

Caro *schoki* hat gesagt…

This boots are made for Walking *träller*

Sooooooooo goil - ich habe nicht gestarrt, sondern nur gesabbert :DDD

Ganz liebe Grüße und ein schönes WE!


Gio hat gesagt…

Elly , you are AMAZING ! :-)

have a nice weekend

Candy C hat gesagt… an old American song title goes, "These Boots Are Made For Walking!" I love yours!! I"m so glad that you asked Andy about how to prepare leather....they look fantastic! I've already signed up for Andy's Outkasts class. Can't wait for it! Thank you so much for your very sweet comment you left on my blog regarding the tape it up box. I so love Andy's techniques! He's a genius! :) Have a great weekend! <3 Candy

biba3006 hat gesagt…

Klasse Idee und Umsetzung!!!
Ich konnte sie ja beim Mekka schon in natura bewundern ;)


Anita Houston hat gesagt…

Absolutely uberly fantastic!!!!!

Sandra Mathis hat gesagt…

Oh my words; what a transformation. I'd never have thought these are the same boots and that you could even do this! Amazing!!!


Mikaela hat gesagt…

Im so happy I found my way here. I love your projects!!!!

and the boots were amazing

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art hat gesagt…

Elly your boots are wonderful, love them.

Steffie hat gesagt…

Du wieder... *grins*
Sehr cool!!!!

Liebe Grüße,