Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Edgar Allan Poe - Frame / Cover

Hi folks (:o) I'm still busy at Andy Skinner's Book of Secret Online Workshop....but i have some art to share. As i knew, i would be busy....i prepared this for you (:o)

After watching a couple of videos on YouTube from CreaBoetiek, where she made this kind of frame as a cover for a Mini - Album, i had a go for my version.

I started with a leftover piece of cardboard from my stash. This has a function as a standup frame, but i can take off the sides and adhere it, also.

I used Mod Podge and adhered pages of an old book. I didn't count them, but i think i used 30

I only glued the outsides. There is no Mod Podge in the middle of the pages! 

Let them dry for 30 minutes.....and while still sticky....

....use a cutting knife and cut open as shown

Use Mod Podge and glue the open pages in some kind you like. You can do this roughly and also tear some pages out to avoid the frame to be to bulky.

While wet and sticky, use dark paint.

You can let it dry and embellish next day, or as i did...use directly more paint ( gold) for the edges of the pages.

There are three parts on YT, to watch the work in progress ( each 7 min)

And here, you'll see her finished frames for inspiration

Hope you like my version, too (:o)


Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Happy Monday.....

..and some received ATC's from my friend Mark at Spesh Ink in UK
Honestly....i'm blown away. You wouldn't believe, that this was his first atc trade after watching his creations.
Really cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!! (:o)

I guess, the background is made with alkohol inks.  Stamped onto the atc and on acetat in front. Don't need to say, that i love this Da Vinci stamp.

This one i call...Andy Skinner..*lol*
Love it. Rusty texture and Andy Skinner stamps. Also stamped on the back. Just forgot to take a picture, but it says steampunk.

Did he knows anything about my vintage / french obsession? *lol*

Thank you Mark, for this exciting trade.
Anytime again (:o)
Love them all

And one more surprise from Yvi out of Graz / Vienna. Her blogname is Moments
I received a beautiful card and nice smelling soap.
I love to come home and see my  filled postbox (:o)

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu (:o)

Happy Monday
I'll take my bike for a sunny ride


Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

ATC - Trade to UK

Making Workshops - making friends and trades (:o)

These are my ATC's for Mark at  United Kingdom. We know each other since we made the Andy Skinner Timeworn Workshop together. He also started a blog. Feel free to hop over to Spesh Ink  and watch some male creations and obsessions.
The chosen themes were Steampunk - shabby vintage - and one free theme

I wish you all a  sunny and creative weekend

Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Book of Josef - A Secret ?

Some of us (the timeworner have practice) are ready with the first Book of Secrets at Andy's Online Workshop. I am busy with a second version but i want to show you my first one now.

May i introduce you to my

Book of Josef

Do you know this computer game? I have a lot fun with it and you'll find a lot steampunk inspiration in this funny game.
If you are interested, to watch the other books. ( I'll update, if someone else is ready and has a blog)
The first finished book made by Lorraine
This is created by Chris
Fiona is still busy  here
Andy's here, here and here

The Online Workshop goes three weeks. Let's see, what we can create in this time. Sure not only steampunky stuff, because most of us....are Timeworner (:o) What does it mean?
Watch this channel for the explanation 'lol*
 Hope you have fun! (:o)


Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Card - Summer in Paris

This card is on it's way to a blogfriend. As you know, cards are a challenge for me, but this one was quite easy...

The background is stamped and clear embossed

Trace the chipboard - dressform on cardboard and cut out. I used both, the positive and the negative. First, lay down the positive on card and wipe around with distress ink. I used victorian velvet. Lay down the negative and stamp inside the frame. Use the same stamp on white chipboard - dressform a little bit offset.

This is my contribution for Simon says Stamp and Show a Summer Holiday

I hope the recipient is hooked as i am (:o)

Happy Monday!!!


Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

Altered Matchbox - Trade

Do you remember? I took part in a matchbox trade on facebook, at Louise aka Zuzu Petal's 'n' Stuff. Today i received my matchbox from Kath in Australia...and i am overwhelmed!!!!!

Thank you so much Kath!!! It's absolutly beautiful and i'm on my knees for all the postage you spend for this trade.

Happy weekend (:o)
Back to my studio, working on steampunk stuff *lol*


Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

Fashionista Sewingcase and a little altered timeworn brother

I had a play with paper. I have to reduce my stash and used another paperline from Graphic 45 *Fashionista* Must be old fashioned, because it's not listed anymore.
Simon Says Stamp and Show...Anything here is my contribution...

I also have a little one and i did some timeworn exercising

As you can see, i use it to store my paper - beads. A new obsession (:o)

Anything left? 
Maybe you want to see how the cases looked before....

I'll be a little busy the next time, because the Book of Secret Workshop is starting tomorrow
Finally...i found an interesting video on YouTube from GOLDEN.....
Creating  and Printing on Acrylic Skins with Golden Acrylics and Digital Grounds

Happy Fathersday