Samstag, 29. September 2012

ATC - Letter I - Industrial Chic

I adhered aluminium tape ( from hardware store) to atc, embossed with cuttlebug and used alcohol ink for the background. The stampset is CI - 322 from Crafty Individuals

Letter I - Industrial Chic

I'm waiting for my plaster stuff, i've ordered but anyway....i have hours of videos to watch and learn first.

Have a nice weekend

Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

The beauty of fallen leaves

This is a current view in my garden. Autumn really arrived and the leaves are falling......

I collected some leaves at my last walk, too. Aren't they beautiful? Love all the shades of different colours...

As i was a little child, i had a Wish - Tree.....this was a loving tree in our garden where i was playing.
I really talked to that tree and told him all my little storys and since reading 
*The Lord of the Rings*, i think they really be alive .....

Cool hmmm?
A lot people are scared about big, old trees but i think they're protecting me...

I started my project with Creative Paperclay. This stuff is easyer to work with as fimo 

I used a toothpick to define the vains

This is my first try on a face..(:o)

I tryed to absorb the real colours and texture

...and because Simon Says Stamp and Show is asking for some loving sparkle, i used some stickles, too

I'm really excited about the Outcasts Lifetime Workshop with Andy Skinner starting in two days.
Andy says, Plaster and Acrylic paints are a match made in heaven.
I really believe (:o)
Watch this

Thanks for reading and leaving appreciated comments.

Elly....on the way to heaven...(:o)

Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Tube - Art Doll

This is an upgrade of my upcycling projects. There are so many ideas to find in the world wide web. I've got my idea from ... this.... video on YT, but i modifyed it, for my prefered timeworn look.

I took an empty tube and gave it a face...with a mold and my hotglue - gun

Created some kind of a seat out of an empty tea board container and some cardboard gears

With some plaster of paris bandage, wire, beads and a lot acrylic can get this...

Do you like it ?
What do you think? Is it a he or a she? (:o)
I'm not sure yet...

I wish you  all a good start into into the last september week....time flies....

~ Elly ~

Addition: After brainstorming with some appreciated friends, they say: It's a *he* and his name is.....

Laid Back Andy 

Freitag, 21. September 2012

This boot fits!

Ok, it's a female thing. We never have enough shoes. Yes, we own 5 pairs black, but they all are different in height or shape ..according to.. hmm...circumstances (:o) or...down to our whim...and..that's how it is...if you're looking for the right one you just need right can't find it.

I was looking for some turqoise boots......but you'll have a guess.......
As i'm never running out of ideas, i asked my one and only Artist Andy Skinner, if it's possible to prepare leather for painting and he said: Gesso works fine!!!! Well, this was the needed answer to start my project....and i pimped my boots.

In between i had a hard disk crash and the first picture of my boots is can still see the original beige colour at the bootleg

Thus..i started with Gesso followed by aquamarine acrylic paint

Because it's not that easy to stamp directly onto the boot, i used tissue paper.

After stamping, i spritzed the tissue with dylusions and coloured the roses as you would normaly do for a journal. Teared the motif..

Adhered to boots with Ourdoor Mod Podge

I applyed Dazzling Metallics *Glourious Gold* on top with my fingers to blend everything in...and two finish coats with Mod Podge for sealing

Yes, they are wearable....ask only need to be brave, because people stare at your feets (:o)
Even more a  notice. To bringe a little alternation to my art, i booked 
which starts next Friday. If you're interested in working with plaster to make embellishments, 3D shrines, 3D art wall hangings and a lot more....join the link above.
It's a lifetime workshop and that pay once and get access to all the content for life. No time limit...

Have a nice weekend and thanks as always, leaving nice comments.

Elly....with new boots (:o)

Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Independent Couture

The new challenge this week at Simon Says Stamp and Show is called : Tape it Up!
It's all about using washi tape, tissue tape, masking tape....or even a handmade tape.

I searched the internet for ideas and found a lot flowers, banners, flags, cards with strips of tape and wrapping things. I started by searching my tapes and was really surprised that i found more than 3 rolls.

I had no idea what to do at this time.....and started to prepare my workspace in the kitchen by using a non stick baking sheet and hold it down with tape (:o) My usual way to use tape*lol*

Still nothing in mind....i used Ranger Glue and Seal to adhere the tape to thicker cardstock as i  would be sure it's really sticking.

A tape collage....what can i do .........???
Let's try one of my new couture templates from LaBlanche

Using tape to stick together  to have a look first..

My first thought...very independent (:o)

Ok...i'll need some ebellishments, too

Cutting circles for flowers.....

....and wrapped tape around..

Her is the finished independent couture collage

Adhered the collage to silver painted corrugated cardbord. Strips of tape around. The saying is written on masking tape, adhered to washi tape.

Cool Flowers

Lot's of stickles on  the dress

The black stripe is painted with acrylic paint.

Hope you had fun watching my process
Taped up ...a lot (:o)

~ Elly ~