Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Happy Mail from Ana

After a 6 days work week, this happy mail brightened my day. These warmer days seems to make a lot of people ill and very tired in my case. Well, after a long sleep i used the sunshine today, to take pictures from my happy mail, i received from my dear friend Ana from Slovenia. She posted her book here. While i was unpacking her parcel, i had a feeling like a child with christmas.

Would you guess, what's in a shoebox size of 1,5 kg?
I can tell you, i am thrilled!!

This book is called *Love Nest* and i love it. I have seen the pictures of this beautiful book before, but you know the reality get's you mostly out of your shoes (:o)

This lovely nest on the cover is just stunning

Take a look at the unique inside pages

 In Germany we call it a Handschmeichler (:o) It's a german word for something like a stoneeeg. It is formed to enjoy you by touching it. Beeing very smooth pebbly it causes an haptic pleasure.

All the edges of the pages are so softly distressed

But that's not all. She also send me an unbelievable heavy - weight goody bag

So much generousity makes me speachless 
Thank youuuuuuu ♥

Here you see how i display my treasure

Thanks sooooo much Ana. You made me very, very happy
Have a nice sunday



Rosie hat gesagt…

Boah, was für geniale Post. Ich freue mich mit Dir über diese tollen Sachen.

Wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Restsonntag

Caro *schoki* hat gesagt…

Ach das ist ja tolle Post - aber Du hast sie sowas von verdient!!!!

Ganz liebe Grüße

froebelsternchen Susi hat gesagt…

traumhaft schön ist das Geschenk!
und Dein Tag darunter gefällt mir auch hiimmlisch gut!

Dagmar hat gesagt…

wow - einfach wunderschön ist das Buch so so aufwändig und herzlich gestaltet - und dann noch die vielen Schenkis - wundervolle Post hast du da bekommen.
LG Dagmar

Karen hat gesagt…

Beautiful gift, your a lucky girl xo

butterfly hat gesagt…

Wonderful Happy Mail - a book made by Ana is something to really treasure, and then all the goodies too... can't wait to see what you do with those!

Thank you so much for your lovely and generous comment over at mine - means so much from someone whose work I find so wonderful!
Alison x

mark gould hat gesagt…

wow, what a beautiful book, you are one lucky girly ;) x

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries hat gesagt…

And again Ana has send such amazing mail. The book is so great on the outside as well on the inside Elly...what a treasure! And besides that, all that lovely goodies...
I once was so lucky to receive an amazing book and goodies from Ana too...I know the feeling you have now :-)

Kind regards, Alie :-)

die amelie hat gesagt…

Du Glückliche, Elly!

Ich gesteh's: da frisst mich glatt der Neid! Anas Sachen sind einmalig schön! Du bist wirklich reich beschenkt worden!!!!

Liebe Grüße,


Ana K. hat gesagt…

O Elly I am so happy that you really like it and thank you very much for kind words and lovely presentation of my book!