Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

Chicken Alert

The sun brings it to light..... or this case. Chicken alert in my garden!! I own this guy for years now and he was crying for a new paint treatment.

Here's Roody

The first paint after two layers of gesso

Now, awakened to new life

Roody, the french country mentor

The first card i made with the Graphic 45 paperline called *French Country*

Well, new experiments are waiting for me.
Another online workshop is starting today
I get my *Bob the Builder* pants on (:o)

Have a nice weekend



WaldfrauAlexa hat gesagt…

Na wenn der nicht die Hühner bei Laune hält dann weiß ich auch nicht. Die Karte ist auch sehr schön

butterfly hat gesagt…

Your cockerel certainly looks perkier now! Can't wait to see what you get up to with this new class...
Alison x

Silvia(Barnie) hat gesagt…

Total genial - ich bin begeistert. Dann wünsche ich dir mal viel Spaß bei deinem nächsten Online-Workshop :) bin schon auf deine Ergebnisse gespannt.

jinxxxygirl hat gesagt…

Roody is looking goooood!!! Silly me would have left him white! But i LOVE his green!!! Hugs! deb

mark gould hat gesagt…

The chick is great fun x
I can not wait to see what you come up with after this course. the pez dispensers were awesome x