Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

Happy Mail from Vintagesavonette

Actually, it's Roody's day to present a French Country project, but extraordinary mail has taken priority.
I received a give away from my dearest blogger friend Manu at Vintagesavonette.

A picture from Manu's blog

Oh my goodness. I was speachless about the really beautiful wrapped packages and i wasn't able to unwrap at the first days.

Simply looking at these packages made me happy and i noticed a nice smell also.....

Love, love, love this vintage rack.

She wrote a nice and personal note for me (:o)

Ahhh...i guess she knows, that i like faces (:o)
This was one of the packages, with the nice smell

This is another one, with nice smell and so unique embellished....

with handmade soap inside

And look at this cute, vintage pillow.
Loooooooove it!!!!

Gosh!! So many extra goodies.
Have you ever seen a video on YouTube, when someone's opening a goodie package?
Be glad, you can't hear me *lol*

By now i'm blown away...and the give away is still unpacked (:o)

Magnificent vintage


I'm running out of words.......

Manu, i am on my knees!!!!
Thanks soooooooooooooo much!!
This give away is like birthday and christmas on one day. See me, doing the happy dance? (:o)
My dining room is growing to a treasure chamber



butterfly hat gesagt…

What a wonderful, wonderful package... I was so happy when I saw it was you who won it!
Alison x

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries hat gesagt…

What an amazing gifts from kind and precious.
Enjoy Elly!

kind regards, Alie :-)

Anke Kramer hat gesagt…

Ooohhh! Das ist ja mal tolle Post die du da bekommen hast.

Liebe Grüße

suziqu's thread works hat gesagt…

Hi Elly
What a sweet and lovely woman Manu is. Look at all the beauty she has created and everything is wrapped so very beautifully. I too just love her mixed media creations and I have also been very lucky to win the wooden/rustic gifts. Just WOW.
We have been blessed by a beautiful angel!
Love and hugs,

die amelie hat gesagt…

Definitiv Post zum Grün-Werden vor lauter Neid, Elly ;)

Manu macht wirklich herrliche Sachen. Du Glückspilz!

Claudia x