Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

Mind - Blowing Facts

Different holidays on different dates
Today, it's father's day in Germany

Father's day in Germany has a different origin and is a very different observance than the American version. Germany's *Vatertag* began in the Middle Ages as a religious procession honoring *God, the father* on Ascension Day ( Christ Himmelfahrt, usually in May). Although as late as the 1700s Vatertag was a family day for honoring dad, somehow things went sour and in the 19th century the custom reappeared in Berlin as a less refined and very alcoholic celebration on that same date. Today Germany's Vatertag is supposed to be closer  to a *boys' day out* and a pub tour with the guys ( Männerrunde) than the more family oriented Father's Day in the U.S. 
Oh Germans and their love for beer. The men ( few of them father's) pull wagons full of alcohol through the streets to celebrate their day. They cap it off by getting together and drinking the alcohol they so fearless and in a manly manner drug through the streets and later use their wagons to be dragged home after getting rip - roaring drunk. They just use the day to get plastered and have a good time.

Happy Father's Day


Somehow, i prefer the american version

One in a Million Dad


WaldfrauAlexa hat gesagt…

das ist ein wunderschönes Foto von dir und deinem Dad.
Da wird mir warm ums Herz.

Schönen Vatertag noch !!!


Dagmar hat gesagt…

Euch strahlt die Liebe zueinander aus den Augen - ein wunderschönes Foto. Liebe Grüße, Dagmar

Astrid Maclean hat gesagt…

What an interesting bit of information.... I knew of course about Ascension day, but I quite forgot that was father's day in Germany.... I agree with you the American (and UK) version is a much better one.... Lovely photo though of you and your dad.

Little Artbee hat gesagt…

Ach Elly ist das ein knuffiges Foto von Euch Beiden, sehr gelungen. Deine Frisur gefällt mir, das steht dir sehr gut. Ihr Beide seht so zufrieden aus, schön daß ihr Euch Zeit füreinander genommen habt.
LG Sabine