Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Non Sew Burlap Purse

Happy monday, dear crafty friends (:o)

 The inspiration for my purse comes from Mr. Skinner itself. He was holding a workshop at The Craft Barn yesterday which i couldn't book because of my residence, but i used some of his elements and colours for my purse. He was showing his wooden book with drawers in halloween style on facebook
Most of my creations have a more vintage and dark - timeworn feel. In this case, i felt in love with Mr. Skinners colour combination.

I've made a simple purse out of  corrugated cardboard and just in case you want to make your friend a gift or you need a treat bag.....

The step by step and measurements click on the picture for a larger view

Besides strong glue like Aleene's *Tacky Glue*, burlap ( hesian for my english readers), cotton fabric and a hotglue gun, i used the following products from DecoArt:
DecouPage, DecoArt Traditions Acrylic Paint *Phetalo Blue*, *Medium Grey Value 6*, *Quinacridone Burnt Orange*, *Quinacridone Gold*, *Titanium White*, Americana Acrylic Paint *Spiced Pumpkin* and corrugated cardboard.
You'll find an actual list of online stores with DecoArt products here

The template mesurements are 45 x 20 cm or 17,7" x 7,8"

Cut holes for the handles
2,5 x 4 x 12 cm
1"  x 1,6" x 4,7"

Cut holes for handles on both sides

Cut two templates same size

Now you use the cotton fabric for the inner purse

Cut fabric with 2 cm ( 0,8") seam and use strong glue

Do the same with the second template and burlap

Use a strong glue on cardboard first, the turn around...

My burlap is very stiff, that's why i'm using the hotglue gun to glue down the seam of the burlap. For another..maybe more rustic feel it can be nice to use the fastener.

I use the end of a pencil to stick down the burlap with the hotglue, otherwise you'll burn your fingers!!

That's what you have so far....

I'm using the actuell measurements of the purse for the fabric you'll need to close the sides

It's better to cut wider, than too small. I used a bowl to trace the round part with a diameter of 14 cm ( 5,5" ) Before i glue down the side fabric, i do the painting of the burlap first

I started with a layer of phetalo blue, followed by a mix of grey and phetalo blue.

The smaller pieces of burlap got  several layers of a mix of spiced pumpkin with Quinacridone burnt orange.

In between i'm dying my lace in a plastic container with a mix of water, phetalo blue and grey.

Prepared some other embellishments also

Used the hotglue gun to adhere the small burlap pieces and the hand - dyed lace underneath

Then, cut the fabric to size of the height of the purse

Glue side fabric inside with a little help of masking tape.

A view inside the purse, after adhering the fabric to the sides. Now, glue the inner purse inside, too.

A little bit more embellishing and you're ready

When i'm creating with Apoxie Clay, i've always some small left over pieces of clay. I stick them on a bamboo stick, create little faces and let them dry.

3 of these little faces i'm using on this purse. I also did a little drybrushing with white acrylic paint on the burlap and frame


My handles are not completly glued down, because i'm waiting for a magnet closure.

The bling skull is from a deconstructed key chain

 I finished the purse with a good layer of DecouPage

Notice, you can always play with the measurements. You can make the purse as big as you want.
Hope i could give you some inspiration.
Thanks for reading and your appreciated comments.



...the yorkshire fox... hat gesagt…

....this is a fabulous little number Elly, love your little voodoo heads too, you are so clever... Mel:))Xx

Astrid Maclean hat gesagt…

Great project and tutorial Elly, you are very clever, those voodoo heads look fabulous!!

Candy C hat gesagt…

Elly..your little Halloween purse is so stinkin' cute! Thanks for the step by step photos and explanations. I would LOVE to see Andy Skinner create in person sometime! What a treasure he is! Your little new sew purse is such a cute idea and you've done an excellent job of creating this one. I so love your little clay faces!! Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog as well. <3 Candy

froebelsternchen Susi hat gesagt…

Meine Güte! STEIL!!!!!

die amelie hat gesagt…

Hah, wer braucht schon eine Nähmaschine?!
Ein cooles Teil, Elly,

und die kleinen Schrumpfköpfe sind einfach das Tüpfelchen auf dem i. Genial!!!

Liebe Grüße,
Claudia x

Carmen Wiesenberg hat gesagt…

Die Voodoo-Köpfe sind das I-Tüpfel...tolle Arbeit! Schönen Wochenstart, lG Carmen

Dagmar hat gesagt…

Boah - die ist ja toll geworden - schon irre was dir immer so einfällt !!!

Little Artbee hat gesagt…

Wieder der Wahnsinn was du da an Maßarbeit geleistet hast und welchen Aufwand das tolle Teil beinhaltet. Aber das Ergebnis ist einfach Spitze und , wie alle deine Werke, einzigartig, oder viel mehr einzig aber nicht artig. :)
Liebe Grüße

Jeannette hat gesagt…

Boah,das sieht ja Hammer aus!!!Rcihtig genial diese Voodoo köpfe,grandios Elly.

GLG Jeannette

Lorraine hat gesagt…

Oooooh, Elly. That's fabulous. I love that blue colour. Clever you.