Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

Showered with ICAD's

I was part of Astrid's ICAD ( or Skinny ) swap and today i want to show you the cards and holders i received.
The first one is made by Maryann from denmark and she send me the biggest package of a card i've ever received. This is the best example  of a special folded card lover. Just WOW!! So delicate and look at all the details.

The next one came with Royal Mail and is made by Margie

How beautiful and this is just the holder!!! Which is closed with a magnet. I love the Jofy stamps and my pictures don't catch the elegant look and feel of this card and holder

Did i mentioned that i love to receive Royal Mail?
The next ICAD is made by an artist i really like to meet in person
Butterfly created a mixed media ICAD for me

Oh so yummy colours

I'm really a lover of corrugated cardboard but i also love vintage, that's why the next ICAD is very much right up my alley created by Petra B's Allsorts

Finally....a breathtaking eyecatcher for Steampunk Lovers
made by Brenda
Soooo stunning and unique

Don't forget to breath out.....!! (:o)
This is the holder

The ICAD itself

I'm truly showerd by stunning ICAD's and i can't say thank you enough

This was an awesome and very exciting swap and i really love all my ICAD's.
Thank you ladies for putting so much heart in all your creations and thank's to
for hosting this swap.


Redanne hat gesagt…

It was the most amazing swap Elly, I just love the ICAD's you received, they are all so beautiful. I cherish the one I received from you! We have a lot to thank Astrid for. Hugs, Anne x

Brenda Brown hat gesagt…

They all look amazing together, glad you liked them.
hugs {brenda} x0x

Astrid Maclean hat gesagt…

Oh wow Elly how wonderful to see them altogether like that! Each and everyone is stunning in it's own right and really represents the individuality of each artist, wonderful!

Thank you for playing along in the swap!! So glad you had fun with it!!

Sue Butler hat gesagt…

Hello Elly
What is so wonderful is that they are all beautiful but all so different, I am sure you spent many enjoyable hours looking over them.

butterfly hat gesagt…

So glad mine arrived safely and that you liked it - and what an amazing haul!
Alison x