Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Add a crown

Happy sunday, dear crafters. I was a little bit late for the last Octopode Factory Challenge.Today i woke up with sunshine to my surprise because the hole week was very grey and cold. Well, i grabbed a coffee and started my day creating another journal page and added a crown for the current challenge. I guess my obsession for the royal family is not a secret anymore (:o)

The Queen's Foot Guard

Did you know that five regiments of the british army form the Queen's Foot Guards?
The Queen's Guard are responsible for guarding Buckingham Palace and St. James's Palace in London. They usually consist of *Foot Guards* ( guards on foot) wearing full - dress uniform of red tuniks and bearskins (hats)
When the Queen is in residence, there are four foot guards at the front of the building, when she is away there are two.

Happy sunday (:o)


Astrid Maclean hat gesagt…

Well I think your guard looks much more fun than the real ones! Fab page and thank you for all that information, never knew any of that, you see, you live and learn...

butterfly hat gesagt…

So fun and funky! And I would never have guessed you as a monarchist!! Lots of interesting facts there...
Alison xx