Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2013

Tribute to Audrey

Hi crafters (:o) Today i want to show you another play with Mr. Skinner's treshold printables. I've created a canvas 40 cm x 60 cm. 
A perfect handmade gift

The main colours i've used for the background are DecoArt Traditions acrylic paint in black, white and grey

I used a larger brush and simply wiped the paint horizontally....

..and softened the colours with a sponge.

Then....the same colours, applyed in reverse order to a big piece of bubble wrap....

It's a bit of surprising what you get when you lift the canvas

The next part was stamping with StazOn

The canvas was sealed then, with Americana Duraclear Matt Varnish

I also used different stencils with DecoArt Modeling Paste and i softend the background with diluted white paint in the middle.

Distress Ink Victorian Velvet applyed with a Distress Tool on top of the dried modeling paste was next and the image tranfer afterwards. Mr. Skinner shows this technique here

Little pencil drawing for shaping body and dress. I used a fine brush and grey paint for the outline and a little bit of diluted white paint for the upper part of the body and arms.

Again, Modeling Paste for the dress.

Some halfpearls and lace 

Distress Ink for the dress

Outlines and accents with stickles for glamour

More details

Not a Dali but a real Elly (:o)
Thanks for reading and your appreciated comments



butterfly hat gesagt…

I'd rather have an Elly than a Dali... I love how she emerges from that wonderful layered background, and the texture on the dress is amazing! And what a brilliant statement of power and and positivity in the words too...

Okay - NOW I'm going to bed!!
Alison xx

Gio hat gesagt…

It's so beautiful and elegant Elly! Love the pearls on the dress, gorgeous detail!

Jools Robertson hat gesagt…

Beautiful, very elegant
Love the colours and textures very pretty

Stempeln und mehr - Evelyns bunte Welt hat gesagt…

Mönsch, Elly, DAS ist soooo schön!! Ich bin ganz hin und weg von Deinem Hintergrund .... und das Kleid erst! Sieht beinahe aus wie richtiger Stoff, so toll hast Du das modelliert. Also ich würde mir das Bild sofort aufhängen.
Du bist echt eine Künstlerin.

Julia S-W hat gesagt…

Beautifully feminine and yet strong Elly. I love Audrey and have been trying to think of something to do with Andy's image. Stunning dress!