Donnerstag, 28. März 2013


A slightly different typ of Easter - Egg


May easter bring it's nicest thing to you
and those you love!

Happy Easter


Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Pezformers # 3 and # 4

To carry on with my Pezformers, these two guys have to be shown up in one contribution, because they are both inpired by Master Skinner. Yes, it's true.....i am addicted (:o) All my painting skills are pushed by his teaching.

In this case the Pez Dispenser is placed inside a perfume box
The prototype was Andy's *Boris*

A little bit Voodoo Magic

The prototype was Andy's *bad mojo*
Isn't it funny what you can create with some bits and pieces and some acrylic paint?
I am amazed by myself

Thanks so much for your attention (:o)
Love to read your appreciated comments


Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Book of Ruination

Happy sunday, dear new and old followers. I just finished my first Book of Ruination with Andy Skinner's Lifetime Workshop and i'm proud to call myself an official Ruinator now (:o)
You know, how much i love steampunk but in this case, i have challenged myself to try new colours.

Some details

I started with my handmade cover and an old cigar box

Maybe you feel inspired, now. Remember, this workshop is lifetime. This means, you can join in any time you want for the rest of your life.

Have a creative sunday (:o)
Thanks for your appreciated comments


Freitag, 22. März 2013

Pezformers # 2 Maggy

Up to Nr 2 of my reborn Pez Dispensers. May i introduce you Maggy. In her first life she was called Bugs Bunny (:o) It was a pleasure, to create a girly girl

If you're interested to watch all the other students work, hop to the gallery on Michael DeMeng's Blog 
Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend


Dienstag, 19. März 2013

Pezformers # 1 *Devil Rider*

Well, the pezination ended and the Book of Ruination Workshop started. Because i'm now busy with more exercising, it's the right time to show you the altered Pez Dispensers, i've created.
The following picture shows the Dispensers, i've hoarded

The one i started with

The finished *Devil Rider*

I'm very excited to read, what you think (:o) 
I have another four Dispenser to show, one is still in the making and yes, they are all still working.

Happy Tuesday and thanks for your appreciated comments.


Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

Teabag Mini - Book

It's Simon Says Stamp and Show time! This weeks theme is: Chic to be shabby

It's always the same ritual on monday, when i come home from work , to look at the SSSS challenge theme for the week. Then i take a look at my inspirational to - do list and think about, how i can incorporate a project in this theme. In fact, there's none card on my to - do list (:o) I even created a Pinterest account, to sort my ideas, otherwise the to - do list is getting longer than a toilet paper roll *lol*
Well, here is my first attempt creating a whimsy mini - book with used tea bags. More precisely Earl Grey tea bags, if this makes sense about the colour.

First a short explain

I used a bigger tea bag (teapot size) for the cover and 5 smaller tea bags ( cup size) for the inside pages

Simply sewed together in the middle, with some lace at the outside spine and mastermined some nice and decorative closure with button and teabag strap (:o)

Painted old bookpages with Gesso, adhered parts of a teabag with Multi Medium matt and stamped with StazOn. This will be used for decoration inside the book

I also used Distress Stain picket fence for a shabby touch on all pages inside the book. Decorated with vintage pictures, washi tape and staples, too.

Old bookpages are layerd inside the teabags

Can you imagine, how man teabags i'm collecting now?
The fruit teabag variation looks great, too.
Hope you enjoyed my little steampunk - blog - break (:o)
Thanks so much, for reading my obsessions and your appreciated comments