Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

Timeless - Canvas Clock - DecoArt DT Tutorial

Hello my crafty friends (:o)

I had a huge space of blanc wall in my tv room, which needed a focal point and i thought a simply clock will be too small and look a bit lost. I decided to create a big time - themed canvas and incorporated a clock.

               and Faux Finish
               1 x Canvas ( 70 cm x 40 cm), 1 x Canvas 20 x 20, 8 x Canvas Panels 5 x 5
               Wood Letters, Wood Gears, Clock stencils, Clock stamps, Distress Embossing Powder 
                Tea Dye, Archival ink black, Clock - work mechanism, Sticky numbers

Step by Step
Click on the pictures for a larger view

I started painting the wood letters and i used the same colour range with all pieces

Next step was stamping some letters...

..and some others got some paint splatters. I also used a wash of Decoart Traditions Artist Acrylic Paint Quinacridone Gold on top, for a more grungy look. The letters are sealed with Matt Varnish

Then the canvas panels where painted

I used stencils..... 

...stamped with Archival ink and applied a wash of Quinacridone Gold. Used the Archival ink around the edges and Matt Varnish on top.

Next was the 20 x 20 canvas
The canvas was painted with Antique White and i used Milk Chocolate with a clock stencil. I also drybrushed a border

The biggest canvas was painted with Pebbles.
The next four pictures show you how i'm using a stencil. The paint was applyed with a small brush

Next was to figure out my layout and where to paint more clocks

I've painted the wood gears and embellishments with Milk Chocolate in between and used Distress Embossing Powder on top while the paint on the canvas was drying 

Another clock stencil on the big canvas

...and also a wash with Quinacridone Gold on top. Sealed with Faux Finish and used the Archival ink around the edges.

Then i've placed the clock - work mechanism to the back of the smaller canvas.
I needed to stretch the canvas because the weight of the clock

Glued a metal gear to the middle part. Decided to use one more clock stencil. Sealed with Faux Finish and mounted the handles

Arranged all my pieces and glued all of them to the canvas with a hotglue gun.
Finally decorated with some sticky numbers

The biggest canvas has a hole in the back to change the battery

I'm really excited about your appreciated comments (:o)

Have a nice weekend


Stempeln und mehr - Evelyns bunte Welt hat gesagt…

Uuui, das ist ja klasse geworden, liebe Elly! Du, die Uhr würde wunderbar in mein Wohnzimmer passen ;). Eine ganz tolle Idee ist das mit den verschieden großen Leinwänden!
Einen schönen Sonntag wünsche ich dir noch.
xxx Evelyn

jinxxxygirl hat gesagt…

What a great idea......! I think it looks a little sparse for my taste. I would have added lots more 'stuff' , for lack of a better Love the colors and the stamping and the findings you added just needs Awesome job!! Hugs! deb

die amelie hat gesagt…

"A simple clock" würde ich das auch nicht nennen, Elly ;)

Ein geniales Teil und definitiv ein edler Wandschmuck fürs TV-Zimmer! Wow!

Wo gibt es diese tollen Holzbuchstaben, wenn ich fragen darf? Die sind ja für sich allein schon edel...und deine Assemblage wird ihnen mehr als gerecht.

Schönen Sonntag noch,
Claudia x

butterfly hat gesagt…

Brilliant, Elly - from the first idea to all those wonderful details - an amazing creation.
Alison xx

Jools Robertson hat gesagt…

Brilliant canvas, love the colours and all the details on the smaller canvas

Little Artbee hat gesagt…

Klasse gestaltet liebe Elly, da kommt die ansonsten recht große Uhrenschablone, Hab ich auch, mal gut zum Einsatz, sehr schön auch die einzeln gestalteten Buchstaben. Elly-Art vom Feinsten.
Liebe Grüße

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries hat gesagt…

What a great result Elly...thanks for all the explanation too