Montag, 7. April 2014

Art Specially Report

Happy monday, dear crafters (:o)
As i promised yesterday, today i'm back to show you some pictures from the dutch Art Specially craft fair, i've been last weekend.

Honestly, i mostly be overextended on those craft fairs. So much to look at, so much you want to buy and your purse always has a hole..somehow. Comparing the price? Not me...mostly i buy....and if my purse has nothing left..i go. Very simple.
Actually it was a great craft fair. Plenty room for every booth to have an extra teaching table, a corner where you could just sit down and rest also as a dining corner to buy something to eat and drink.

The entree

The welcome gift

First, i went to the Craftorij booth and hang up my vlag for the competition and said hello to Lia


France Papillon Charles was teaching at the Craftorij booth. Just in case you don't know her, you'll find her blog here and her YouTube chanel here
I admire her mixed media art. She's extremly cool (:o)

Lia and me

My shopping tour took 4 hours

Because of the beautiful weather, i decided to visit the city, too. Before i left, i said goodbye to Lia

Some pictures from Nijkerk

I had to buy this bag, too (:o)

Later...i saw via Facebook, that my vlag was the winner of the day....

Yahoooo.....thanks soooo much (:o)




Gio hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing with us this wonderful trip. Nice place to visit and a shop spree (gorgeous bag, too)! What can you ask more? A winning flag! Brava, Elly!

Anita Houston hat gesagt…

Great post! Love all the site and banners! Congrats for winning! Your banner is wonderful!

ElizabethR hat gesagt…

Not surprised at all that your tag won, it was gorgeous!!! What a great stash can't wait to see your new makes. Elizabeth xxx

Silvia(Barnie) hat gesagt…

Ein toller Bericht - danke für den schönen Rückblick. Und Glückwunsch zum 1. Platz. Diese Aktion ist mal wieder an mir vorbeigegangen :D .. Das kommt davon, wenn man im Vorfeld nicht ordentlich recherchiert :D

Little Artbee hat gesagt…

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Gewinn deines Banners liebe Elly. Da hattest du ja einen erfolgreichen und schönen Tag mit reicher Beute. Das Städtchen war ja auch schön anzuschaun. Und ich hab gesehn du hattest meine Kette an, was mich besonders freut. :) Nun bin ich gespannt was du mit den neuen Erungenschaften so werkelst.
Liebe Grüße

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries hat gesagt…

Je was er wel...maar ik heb je niet gezien Elly...jammer! Dan volgend jaar maar he :-)
Mooie foto herinneringen en gefeliciteerd met je prijs!

butterfly hat gesagt…

Looks like you had a really great trip... thanks for sharing all the fun!
Alison xx