Montag, 26. Mai 2014

Ball sports

Happy monday, dear crafters (:o)

Are you prepared for the soccer worldcup?

I've created a ball monster for my little friend 

A view at my busy neighbour

The potting station is painted and the wood pallet is hanging

The gourd plants are growing

Enjoy the sun (:o)



Artfully challenged hat gesagt…

Such fun Elly,I love my football so can't wait for the World Cup! Your garden is looking fab,I bet you can spend many a happy hour out there,I love my garden too,such a nice way to relax.


Little Artbee hat gesagt…

Total süß dieses Tormonsterchen, da wird sich dein kleiner Freund sicher freuen. Alles Gute für deine Kürbispflanzen damits im Herbst dann lecker Kürbissuppe geben kann. :)
Liebe Grüße

Gio hat gesagt…

Such a fun monster! You are so versatile!