Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

A simple pattern - Just my style - with DecoArt

Hello my crafty friends (:o)

Today i want to show you how to create a simple pattern

I bought this little dresser to keep some special jewelry which needs a simple *brand recognition* pattern 

The magic paint i used

 Start the pattern with diagonal stripes and let dry

Repeat the process reverse and let dry
Meanwhile the enamel was drying i painted the edges of the dresser with silver acrylic paint

I then used black acrylic paint on top of the enamel and sealed with Duraclear Matt Varnish

The finished dresser

Just my style

 I also glued some rinestone trim around the top edge.
The small book box was my first test object to get an idea. I've also cut old rinestone earrings with the dremel to fit this brand.

Thanks for reading and your appreciated comments



Hobbyaholic (April) hat gesagt…

Cool. Love the texture it created.

whyducks hat gesagt…

Ooooo very posh and cool too.

Artfully challenged hat gesagt…

Wow,very bling Elly,my daughter would love this :)

Donna xx

JackieP Neal hat gesagt…

Elly!! What a fabulous! Idea!! I love how you totally transformed this piece- just gorgeous!That black on black is just stunning! Bravo!