Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014

WIP - Preparing Altered Book(s)

Happy wednesday, my crafty friends (:o)

Today i want to share a wip - project with you.
I'm preparing an old book for altered art. Maybe you noticed the majority in my titel and this is because i managed to get a lot more projects from just one book.

First i've cut off the covers and spine. Because the book is quite thick i also removed some.....

..signatures and inside pages. Still quite thick....

...i've cut the book in two parts.
Next i've glued the pages together with matt ModPodge and after this was dry...

..i've cut out the middle sections

Well, what to do with the signatures.....?
I found a tutorial at Tattered Treasures to create a shabby mini album and staining paper with instant coffee

I used Nancy's tips about squeezing to get wrinkled paper...

...baking in the oven...which really goes very quick...

Gathering some pattern papers, too

A nice before and after shot

I also squeezed and stained some packaging paper....but it don't need to soak.
I used a brush, applied the coffee - soup in sections and let this airdry

After the staining paper action, i used the coffee - soup to stain some burlap, lace and trim

Lot's of yummy vintage paper waiting now...

Continue with the signatures now ...which have 3 to 5 pages
They'll be glued together to form one page

I used Distress Ink Vintage Photo around the edges and glued the pages together with Arleen's Tacky Glue adhering one pieces of lace between the pages on both sides

Distress Ink on the packaging paper, too. Two pieces of packaging paper for the inside of one signature....

..and a large piece for the outside

 8 thick pages coming together to form a book

I'm now using Dsitress Ink Walnut Stain to all pages to get a more grungy look

Staining some tags for a later use inside the book, too

This is what i have so far....the stained pages, leftover stained lace, trim and the tags

At this point, i was thinking about the binding.....the spine of the pages are still fragile even with all of layers... if some stained fabric will help...???

Again..staining...strips of cotton fabric with Vintage Photo Reinker and some water...

Drying (and squeezing) with the heat - tool for wrinkles

Stamping with black StazOn

Glued the fabric to spine with Matt Medium

Well, here you see all the prepared projects from one book ready to go creative...
Saved original covers, some nice map papers, a grungy book and two book shrines.

Thanks for your appreciated comments
Happy crafting


froebelsternchen Susi hat gesagt…

das sieht toll aus... jawohl!

Brenda Brown hat gesagt…

Wow, looking good Elly xx

Sue hat gesagt…

Hello Elly,
This is looking very interesting hope we see some finished pages, love the grungy look even though I am not a grunge person myself.

JackieP Neal hat gesagt…

Awesome WIP Elly! Maybe you should shoot a youtube video-hint hint! When you are gluing the pages together, how many? and do you have to wait a long time between drying the pages? I have tried this but my pages seem to really wrinkle up? What am I doing wrong?
I love that you share- this is a wonderful thing when artists share with one another- how else would we learn?! Have a wonderful day Elly xo

Gaby Bee hat gesagt…

Das sieht ja schon mal klasse aus Elly. Danke für die step by step Fotos. Ich bin schon gespannt was du daraus machst. Hoffentlich kriegen wir auch einige deiner fertigen Projekte zu sehen!

LG Gaby

Ellie Knol hat gesagt…

o, I so like this, happy I started following you (you might not see me, but I am following via Feedly). Think you might get some new followers: .