Montag, 8. September 2014

Garden Fairy

Happy monday, crafty friends (:o)

Today i'm sharing a 20" Garden Fairy statue with you.

I've packed the work in progress into a video, to share it with my friends on YouTube, too

Have fun watching (:o)
Happy monday



JackieP Neal hat gesagt…

Fabulous garden piece Elly!! Thanks so much for the video and sharing your steps-Your fairy came out Fantastic!! ")

massofhair hat gesagt…

PLEASE can you tell me what the music is accompanying your Video, it is beautiful...

So great to see how many layers of paint were applied to get to your amazing Fairy, she is quite unique and a need in everyone's garden :-) xxx

massofhair hat gesagt…

Thank you for getting back to me, shame about the music. Have watched a couple more of your videos after subscribing to your YT Channel & i am enjoying the music tracks on them also. Looking forward to seeing more! :-) xxx

Brenda Brown hat gesagt…

Great fairy and video Elly, thanks for sharing your ideas and techniques xx

Carol McCready hat gesagt…

Love the video and fairy. Thanks for sharing.