Mittwoch, 10. September 2014

Some News - Some Gourds - An Interim Report

Hello crafty friends (:o)

The News first
I'm published with an old project at Paper Crafter's Library.
Never heard of it? Take a look here

Be prepared! There are some Craft Trend Reporter out there.

Furthermore i want to give you an update of my growing gourds. Well, honestly i've only expected some big growing leaves because the summer - sun is not hot enough where i live.
We had a few days with 30°C / 86°F this summer but also a lot rain. Even the tomatoes ripend very late.

But...see for yourself

I started with 6 seeds....

..and 5 grown up

It's very funny to see them hanging around everwhere

What am i intend to do with gourds are you asking?
If i'm able to get them dry of course......sometime next year
Take a look at my pinboard at Pinterest

I've also organized my scrap - table a little bit during the vacation.
I've bought some storage for ink pads and small paper pads in different size from Fernli Designs.

I've glued the pieces together

Yes i only have a small collection of Distress Inks 
My mixed media range needs a lot more space

I keep the 12" paper in a handmade storage rack above

Oh..and this rack was in a bad shape

..and got a new dress with a little bit acrylic paint and some decoupage paper

Thanks for reading and happy wednesday my friends (:o)



massofhair hat gesagt…

WOW, congratulations on being mentioned, your gourds getting huge and seeing what you have planned for them is mind blowing.

your storage is beautiful as is your room with the hanging suitcases and the amber bottles. Great post, thank you for sharing :-) xxx

Clare with paint in her hair hat gesagt…

ohhhh where did you find gourd seeds? Impossible to find near me!

Cant wait to see what you do with them, but wear a mask if you burn them, the smoke is toxic!

Sorry I haven't left a comment in a while I haven't had time to think lately but I do still visit quickly to look at your pictures often.