Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Losing steam?

Hello and happy monday, crafty friends (:o)

I was reading an interesting trend report about the recent CHA 
Of course, some trends are also losing steam. I think i'm always one step behind any trend. Now, as i'm looking for Rub - Ons i don't find what i'm looking for. I need black washi tape with numbers and i only find bright colours ...oh..and the vintage style continues to dwindle...really?
Who is to be responsible?

I'm also hunting for a pair of boot-cut jeans. Can be straight also, but i only find slim fit and skinny
At least the jeans trend report for 2015 says we get more space to breath 

That's pleasing 

In the next post i'll show you my favorits from the CHA 2015

Thanks for your always appreciated comments



Gigi Harlan hat gesagt…

I have had the same problem with jeans and other things I have been looking for. I bought a dvd recently from someone who sells rub-ons in her Etsy store. Her store name is catcreations92a if that helps.

Kim Reed hat gesagt…

I had read that from Seth's blog as well and just could not understand the vintage trend downward spiral as so many people I know only create vintage. I will always love that theme and will just have to find alternative sources outside the craft industry for supplying that need.

JackieP Neal hat gesagt…

Funny , how some people say such trends are moving on- they never asked me what I thought! Did they ask you Elly? And who are "they" anyhow?!!! Really truly, I will continue to use whatever suits my fancy and if some one thinks it is outdated- well poo poo to them! heehee
How did you like that Superbowl game- Yay Patriots!! I bet Germany was partying last night!!
hugs my friend

massofhair hat gesagt…

Never one to follow trends just what i like to make and if i can't find it i try to use alternatives that why crafters are the best we think outside the box because 'some people somewhere' decide what should and should not be trendy.

Trends are only for people who have no mind of their own or want to be liked, did i really just write that ooops!

As for jeans i am a larger lady and buy what suits me not what's trendy which is why when i do find something i like i usually buy two of them and put one away for when the original runs out.

I am not a hoarder but the 'trends' seem to make me into one.

Great post Elly, it's good to point out the obvious sometimes and to know we are not alone with our alternative needs :-) xxx

Anita Houston hat gesagt…

Vintage, grunge, and industrial work will never lose steam in my book! It's why I got started blogging. I still love it, and LOVE your piece here! Awesome!

Ana K. hat gesagt…

You make me smile Elly...I have same problems,looking for stuff with no succcess....
Love your recent art and I am sorry for not visiting more day is to short :(
Hugs from Slovenia