Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2015

Continuing Education

Hello crafty friends (:o)

Yes, i'm upgrading my skills or better...i'm working on my artistic style like Master Michael deMeng mentioned in one of his *Tips from a Messy Studio #16 Martini Style*

Yes, i like his sort of stuff and i'm mixing my Martini with some Michael deMeng, Andy Skinner, Assemblage, some Skulls and of course a little bit Elly.
Well the receipe is called 
Skinskusem Midemeng 
or possibly
Micdemell Skulllage
according to the word mixer i've used just for the fun *lol*lol*lol*

My continuing education respectively Mr deMeng's new Online Workshop is called

Let's see what kind of deity i'm coming up with.
Can be an Ellyskumiclagly

I'm sure i'm having fun.



JackieP Neal hat gesagt…

I look forward to what comes out of your Martini glass,Elly!! xo

Sara Barker hat gesagt…

I just had a good laugh!