Freitag, 2. Oktober 2015

Halloween Medieval Plague Mask and Scepter - Tutorial

Join the DecoArt Mixed Media Design Team in a spooky Halloween challenge from October 1st through the 28th! Have a peek at the designer's projects on the DecoArt Mixed Media Blog and be on the look out for the DecoArt Design Team tutorials on the DecoArt Media Facebook throughout the Mixed Media Haunts Challenge! Create your very own spooktacular piece and submit it to the DecoArt Mixed Haunts Challenge until October 28th. On October 29th, Andy Skinner will choose his two favorite pieces. The runner- up will receive $50 worth of DecoArt Media product and the winner will receive $100 worth of DecoArt Media goodies!
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Halloween may not be a traditional German celebration, but virtually every German youngster knows about it. For adults as well, over the last decade Halloween has become popular in Europe. It's now common to see pumpkin and jack - o'- lantern decorations in Germany by mid - october.
Only in certain regions or neighbourhoods do German youngsters actually go trick - or - treating. But while trick - or - treating my be rare, Halloween has become a very "cool" party theme for young and old.

I created a Medieval Plague Mask and a Scepter for an upcoming Halloween Party

I searched the internet for template and tutorial to create a mask and found an easy solution at 

Of course, the finished base construction need a paint treatment.

DecoArt Media Gesso Black, Media Fluid Acrylics Carbon Black / Burnt Umber / Burnt Sienna and  Metallic Gold. Media Ultra - Matte Varnish.
DecoArt Americana Decou-page Matte

Kitchen Roll Paper
Self - adhesive Aluminiumfoil
Cuttlebug / Sizzix Embossing Folder Riveted Metal
Kraft - Tex - Kraft Paper Fabric Black
Foamboard black
Idea - ology D-Ring and brads
Hot Glue Gun

Because the paint wouldn't stick to duct tape,  i adhered a few layers of kitchen roll paper first. I also glued down half pearls to look like rivets.

Next was painting ( Gesso and Carbon Black) and drybrushing ( Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Metallic Gold) in order you see below in the pictures. Finished with an Ultra - Matte Varnish

This is a part of the mask construction ( eye portholes)
I also used embossed and painted aluminium foil

Another modification from the original construction
I used Kraft - Tex to create the mask - straps instead of duct - tape 

Now...for the scepter...

....slicing heads with the dremel 

The base of the Scepter are a plastic staff, some skull heads different sizes and Aves Apoxie Clay

Below you see the base construction around the plastic staff

I painted the skull base with DecoArt Media Gesso White and applied Media Texture Sand Paste

Hours of painting later .. i was unsatisfied.... and ...

...painted the skull - base with Media Gesso White again

..and i went for an ivory - look with Media Fluid Acrylics Titan Buff followed by Media Matte Medium and a layer of Media Antiquing Cream Raw Umber

Well.....let's Party

Feeling inspired?

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Scary Halloween


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans hat gesagt…

Ha ha ha absolutely brilliant I love it. Clever idea , love the mask and paint effects on both. Tracy x

butterfly hat gesagt…

Just fantastic - I always get spooked by masks, but this is on a whole new level of scary!
Alison xx

Little Artbee hat gesagt…

Oh wie schaurig liebe Elly, aber wieder genial gewerkelt. Weißt du eigentlich daß diese Masken im alten Venedig für die Pestärzte bestimmt waren? Der Schnabel wurde mit Essig getränkten Schwämmchen und Heilkräutern gefüllt, um vor Ansteckung zu schützen,garnicht so dumm nicht?
Wünsche dir ein zauberhaftes,goldenes Herbstwochenende.
Liebe Grüße

Norma Gomez hat gesagt…

That's super cool, LOVE it :D

toni hat gesagt…

Amazing! Such ingenuity x

JackieP Neal hat gesagt…

WOW Elly!! These are far-out fantastic! You are soooo clever to create such masterful Halloween treats- or tricks?

Sara Barker hat gesagt…

OH MY WORD, Elly! Will you come play in my yard on Halloween night? You'd be sure to scare the treats right out of the little trickster's bags and plastic pumpkins! I'm not done looking at this yet...I kind of skipped through the photos first, and got hung up on that scepter! Wow! What a lovely set you have created! You are the Queen of macabre! (That's a good thing!)

Pawsitively Creative hat gesagt…

This is so awesome sauce and Steampunkaliscious! Wowzers! I love the skulls you have cut apart to make the wonderful scepter! That mask is gorgeous and the rivers are genius! What a neat way to make the head strap! Hats off and two thumbs up for this masterpiece! ~Niki