Montag, 7. März 2016

Snail Mail - Flipbook

Hi Crafters and Makers (:o)

Today i'm sharing a Flipbook with you.

What is a Flipbook?
This is more than your average letter. Other names are booklets or folders but Flipbook is the most popular name for them at the moment.
They are either a large sheet of paper folded in half, into 3 pages or however many times you can without it being too small, or pages stuck together with (washi) tape so you can have multiple pages.
They contain a letter ( either in a pocket ot tucked in creatively somewhere), pockets, decoration and goodies for your pen - pals. They are usually 5 by 5 inches when closed but other than that sizing is usually up to the person creating it - as long as it is not to small and not too big.

Snail Mail / Penpal ideas are most recently very popular. You can find a lot tutorials on YouTube creating Flipbooks, embellishments for Snail Mail or Penpal letters and cards.
It's my honor to trade my first Flipbook ever with Tini - Arts by Tini - We are at the same LaBlanche Facebook Group

Below see the Flipbook i've created for Tini



Brenda Brown hat gesagt…

Love your fabulous little book Elly and its vintage contents, such a great idea.
Hugs Brenda xxx

die amelie hat gesagt…

Wow! Tini wird sich sicher mega über dein genial schönes Flip-Book freuen, Elly! Sieht spitze aus!

Claudia x

Jackie P Neal hat gesagt…

Absolutely stunning Elly! I love the muted colors and the gilding on the edges! Your recipient Tini is sure to love this flip book, I know i would!
Hope all is well my friend! hugs,Jackie