Donnerstag, 8. September 2016

Don't Fear The Reaper

Hello Crafters and Makers (:o)

Today i'm sharing a quick and fun Halloween project and here's what you'll need:

Some fabric ( an old t - shirt works just fine), a bottle ( can be round, too), some wire, cheesecloth and Powertex fabric hardener. I'm using the black fabric hardener, so i don't need to paint the figure afterwards
Rubber gloves, a plastic container and a non - stick craft sheet

Forming the wire for arms

Cut fabric in strips for the body

Cut strips for sleeve

Cut some cheesecloth or Powertex Stockinette for body

Cut hole for *hood* wire

Form wire for hood
Notice one wire is a little bit smaller

See assembling below for hood
You dont need any glue, because you take out the hood - wire at the end

Finally cut one strip of fabric for hood, maybe a piece of cheesecloth, too

Put your rubber gloves on and start the fun with the first piece of fabric for the body.
Place the bottle on the non - stick craft sheet. Maybe you secure your workplace with old magazines, because working with the fabric hardener can get really messy. Maybe you also need an apron for yourself.

Dip fabric into the fabric hardener and squeeze out, like handwashing a shirt.
Do this two or three times
You want to soak the fabric completely with the hardener...squeeze out and drape fabric over the bottle

See..? The formerly white fabric is black now

Continue with the cheesecloth for the body. Don't forget to cut strips into the fabric before soaking with the fabric hardener

Continue with the sleeves

Drape folds directly, cover the end of sleeve with cheesecloth

Put in the wire for the hood.
The smaller wire behind

Same procedure of soaking the fabric for hood, drape and fold

Some left over strips hang over the sleeve. Let dry over night

When completely dry, take out the *hood* wire

Cutting fabric, forming wire and creating creature within
45 minutes

Happy Crafting!


Karenliz Henderson hat gesagt…

Amazing and so cool. Love it.

Evelyn Walter hat gesagt…

Wow Elly, das ist soooo schweine-cool =)! Sieht absolut bombastisch aus! Tolle Idee und Ausführung!
Schönes Wochenende!
xxx Evelyn

Rosie Schirrmeister hat gesagt…

Das ist ja ein heißes Teil, absolut klasse !!!

whyducks hat gesagt…

Fabulous work Elly

Sandy hat gesagt…

Sandy xx