Dienstag, 5. September 2017

Ellydori - Traveler's Notebook Midoristyle

Hello Crafters (:o)

I recently came back from a wonderful vacation on crete island with some nice pictures in my pocket. Searching the www for a quick and easy storage, i found 1000 ideas using a Midori Traveler's Notebook.   
Some leather pieces, i've bought at the Barcelona Flea Market a few month ago, come in handy now. A Memory Notebook Kit, bought at dp, was already waiting to get used.

The notebook has regular size and fits a Midori planner

Some assorted planner refills, all regular size. I'm also using a brown piece of 2 mm foam sheet as backing, because my leather is a bit flimsy

The white piece of paper is my templet ( Midori size)

First cutting the leather

Marking holes on templet for elastic band

Cutting holes into templet

A little eye measuring with one of the notebook refills

Cutting foam sheet to size and adhering it to the back of leather

Cutting everything straight

Marking the holes with the templet

Cutting holes

I always like a little bit hand sewing. Marking the sewing line with a tool

Making holes with an awl straight through foam sheet and leather

The sewing part next

Also created a little closure piece

Next part involving the elastic band, and there are different ways to do that.
I show you my way, for 4 inserts

Starting above, at the left hole...going down 

and up again..

You will end, with two strings, in the middle of the spine
Make a knot

Bring in the closure part to one string .....

..and make another knot

This way, i have some leftover string and i can always tie it loose, if i need more room 

Some more accessories make sense...

..like a pen holder clip.....

....and a clear zipper case for ephemera

I guess, you'll see my Ellydori a few more times

One of the pages, not much embellished, yet

Now it's up to you, to create your own....
Use fabric ....or felt would be nice, too
Happy crafting!

Samstag, 27. Mai 2017

Faces for Facebook Group

Hello Crafters and Makers (:o)

Today i'm sharing my make for another facebook group swap themed faces

The card was created with Brusho's and *Face it!* clear stamps/ *Face Shape* stencil + mask from visible image

I also had the idea of a natural face to go with the card

I've primed both mdf wood plates with DecoArt Media white Gesso

The tag shaped mdf wood plate was painted with Americana Decor Chalky Finish *relic* first and had a mix of whisper and relic on top

A little bit sanding gives a smooth surface and reveals the darker colour from underneath at some spots.

Stamping with StazOn and Andy Skinner stamps on op

The smaller mdf wood plate had a layer of DecoArt Modeling Paste with Andy Skinner stencil 

Painted a layer of American Decor Chalky Finish *whisper* on top

Applied a layer of DecoArt Vintage Effect Wash *grey*

Next up a wash of DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Quinacridone Gold on all mdf wood plates and a face of paper clay which was already primed with DecoArt Media Gesso white
Let air dry

I also applied DecoArt Media Antiquing Cream white and removed some of it again

I've glued all pieces together with DecoArt Media Liquid Glass

Glued down some lasercut wood leaves with Liquid Glass, too

Finished with stamping with StazOn cotton white

Happy Crafting!